Kandis Gibson is a Certified Personal Trainer and endurance athlete.  Originally from New York, Kandis is currently based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Kandis is an Ironman Finisher, an obstacle course enthusiast, an avid cyclist and a lover of all things fitness.  She loves seeing clients achieve their goals and embrace new lifestyles.  She believes that an active life is the basis for a healthy life.

After joining corporate America in 2008, Kandis noticed that her new sedentary lifestyle had numerous negative side effects, including weight gain and lack of energy.  She realized that she was going to have to get motivated and creative to counteract being stuck at a desk for upwards of 12 hours each day.  What initially started as a quest to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity each day has transformed her life and now become a quest to help others develop the tools and habits to discover their best selves so that they can live their best lives.  

Pure Performance Fitness, LLC is a company dedicated to changes lives through activity and healthy living.  This program was developed to introduce fitness and healthy eating to people trying to change their lives for the better and to help those already fit take it to the next level.  Incorporating circuit and interval training, HIIT, strength training and cardio, Pure Performance Fitness will have you seeing results no matter where you start!

Training Skills
  • General Fitness 100 %
  • Athlete Specific Training 90 %
  • Nutrition 85 %